Why Will The Used Phone Market Keep Growing In 2022


We have nowadays become comfortable with the 1000$ pricing of a phone. The Smartphone started as a music device and digital calculator in the early 2000s and has reached to be the most important gadget people carry with them today. Naturally, the mobile phone market is booming with new opportunities and innovative technologies from different companies. During this rapid evolution of technology, a new handset quickly becomes old and outdated within 2 to 3 years. Therefore, used mobile phones market is expanding because of the rising desire of people to get a new and updated device. 

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why the used phone market is expected to grow in 2022:

Cost of new devices is expected to rise: Many market experts who specialize in the silicone industry research believe that the processor of mobiles is going to continuously evolve in performance and reduce in sizes. This is the same with the battery. New companies with efficient battery technology are promising a better-performing battery at the thinnest size available in the market already.

Phone features are going to evolve: The phone features are also expected to continuously evolve concerning screen quality, camera, and built quality. This has a direct effect on the availability of fresh devices which are merely 1 to 2 years in the market for resell in the second-hand market. Thus, increasing the growth by promoting second-hand buyers.

No major technology breakthroughs in 2022: No major technological advances are predicted this year, with the exception of Samsung's folding screen technology which will still take time to be improved. This will keep the mobile market steady, and mobile firms will only be able to grow when their software and features improve.

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